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De 5 Stjerner A/S has approx. 1,300 employees. The company’s primary job is to clean hotels in Denmark. De 5 Stjerner A/S has integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its business foundation.
The company strives to follow the UN Global Compact’s initiatives, including the 10 Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), thereby helping to address environmental and social challenges.

Our story

In 2019, De 5 Stjerner A/S has launched various CSR initiatives, which in each way focus on people. We believe that all people are equal and valuable and that we need to promote inclusion in communities. One of the starting points for our CSR work is continued job development for unemployed vulnerable citizens who are referred from job centers across the country.

In 2019, De 5 Stjerner A/S has therefore, in collaboration with HORESTA and 3F Copenhagen, run a campaign to help unemployed citizens in work, which benefits the individual citizen, De 5 Stjerner A/S and the community.

Kongelundsvej 252

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Kongelundsvej 252

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Kongelundsvej 252

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Bella Properties ApS

Account Information:

Registration number: 4316
Account number: 11910882
IBAN: DK50 3000 0011 9108 82

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Bella Properties ApS

In addition, De 5 Stjerner A/S has in 2019 entered into an agreement with the group-affiliated Company Bella Properties ApS for renting cheap housing for both employees and other citizens.
The property is located at Kongelundsvej 292 in Kastrup.